Here are a few examples of my work:

“The Hunter”

This tune has a “driving” feel. I used a trumpet, trombone and sax combination to bring out the melody and doubled the bass line with a bass clarinet to give it a unique sound.

“Hannah’s Song”

I wrote this for my daughter. It’s a simple piano trio tune with a flowing, lyrical melody.


A salsa tune with a be-bop jazz break. Lots of room for the percussionist to go wild.

“Storybook Time”

A jazz waltz that moves  around in a harmonically interesting way. I wrote this for my son.

“Comin’ Home, Baby”

My take on the classic Ben Tucker tune made famous by Mel Torme.

“Joy and Pain”

This is the song made popular by Frankie Beverly and Maze. I put a jazz spin on it.

“More Than Beautiful”

This is a song I wrote with Brenda Eager. Breezy jazz, pop and soul tune with nice lyrics and a catchy hook. Brenda and Greg Walker on vocals.

Here are a couple of songs I produced for Kate Torralba, a vocal artist from the Philippines:


“Monkey Song”

An example of me rocking’ out with the Glen Hughes Band on the album “Feel”:

“Red Line”

This is me playing a synth solo on Ndugu Chancler’s CD, “Old Friends”:

“I Don’t Know”

Thanks for Listening.

Todd Hunter

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